The Story

In one word, I know exactly how to describe myself: I’m a Nomad. A Traveler. Constantly looking for new experiences, adventures, knowledge and feelings. Currently the main way how I express myself and discover myself is through photography and, sometimes, through theatre. I’m getting cautiously but excitedly into psychology as science, and currently living in Toronto, Canada. I still cannot be clear on naming home to myself, but the wording “I’m internationalized” is so far enough for me.


I’m romantic, one can say, but I’ve got enough of sarcasm and cynicism to look at life with humour. Probably, you’ll see it through my images.

Now, to the fun part. Why I am here? First and foremost, I’m here to discover myself and to set up my life path focus. Second, to promote my photography works. Photography (particularly street life, landscape and architecture) has been my hobby for long time, and gradually I began to be involved in numerous gigs (paid and volunteering) where I gained more experience in the field.

Among my experiences:

  • -numerous community projects: stock photography for non profit, events, workshops
  • -wedding photography
  • -graduation ceremonies and marathons
  • -finally, assisting to photographers in various projects, like fashion,portraiture, events. 

Last, but not least: considering photography as not just hobby or something potentially transferring into job, but rather as a way to discover myself. People have different ways of self discover– through travel, through meditations, through books or studying. Yes, I’m combining all of these, but photography is a milestone for me, at least nowadays.

Photography is telling me more about myself then anything else. The image talks to me, the way how I change it (or create photo) helps me to express my vision of the world, my imagery. Recently I started to incline towards abstract photography, discovering new magical realism for myself.

– Aleksandra M.


For now my own photo equipment includes Canon 50D and set of lens (8mm, 50mm, 12-24mm, and 28-135mm), and external flash, of course. For editing photos I am using equally Lightroom and Photoshop CS5, with few InDesign inclusions, too.

I own the rights to all photos, images and content on this blog. Sure, you can repost or share, please do it – just as long as you give me full credits. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Benjamin Kamino

    Hey there. My name is Benjamin Kamino. I just noticed that you have some lovely photos of a work I did this past November as part of FIRST THURSDAYS.

    I would love to see all of the documents you produced if you still have them. Could I invite you for a coffee in Toronto sometime soon?


    1. Imagery Tales Post author

      Hey Ben, thank you for comments on my photographing of your art piece:) sure, let’s catch up — meanwhile I’ll see if I have other stuff for that event. you can write me – sol com payasa (at) gmail dot com


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