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I love spotting perfect geometrical shapes and forms in the environment — lines, symmetrical and asymmetrical natural designs.

Once, sipping a wine in a Niagara vineyard under harsh sunlight — one of those that make every photograph look so sharp and clean, almost unreal — beautiful ornaments came out of shadows and patio table..


Sometimes, even such ordinary environments like business centres, banks and government buildings offer interesting interior design concepts, which when recycled in photoshop can bring amazing abstracts.



And, finally, I cannot omit one of my favourite filter ‘toys’, whose prism creates new, texturing worlds of four moons and floating traffic lights … ­čÖé


Floating in the Air.

Floating in the Air..  The enormous while balloon slowly raised into the night sky above the grasping crowd, dragging behind a tiny delicate figurine.

Floating in the air.. I thought it would be interesting to visualize the acrobat not hanging under the balloon’s bottom, but rather playfully kicking the ball in front of her, both floating in darkness nowhere and in no time.



They were clowns in blistering, silky unappealing costumes– rather resembling medusas than snowflakes (which, I’m quite sure, was the intention at the Winter Festival)..


These snowflakes, or whoever they were, had apparently very difficult relationship– sort of expressing the same old swings “push-pull”. Well, what you can say, flaky creatures, flaky feelings.. ))

Dispersed Imagery

I wanted to write about the work that is swallowing me like a vacuum cleaner sucking down tiny item forgotten on the surface. I wanted to write about not having any time (or strength) to nurture my artistic freestyle side which was heavily pressed down by newly acquired career path. I even wanted to challenge myself and write something complete opposite to the state of my mind (about Ballet, surprise-surprise). Probably I much needed light, delicate, feather-like feeling this dance form offers. Well, next time the light will get through the tunnel of consciousness.


But instead I’m just dispersing in the air, and words fade away as soon as they touch a tongue. Thoughts are dissolving in the air, as if there was some chemical reaction between them and dusted reality.

So I’m just sharing my photographs, which, by the way, are expressing my Imagery Hiatus at their best this time.