Visual, Conceptual, Dimensional

I am not a graphic artist, and I do not fancy combining text and images. These are simple examples of my once crowded and intense photoshop playground (with the help of InDesign, just a bit). Nowadays I prefer to leave text outside of the picture. 

Nowadays I do not try to make statements with photographs, they carry completely different function on my behalf. Maybe I do not want to make statements, maybe I do not have them (although that is not true, everybody has zillions of them- just give us the loudspeaker and close for us street, we’ll find what to shout about). Maybe I just want to express beauty without feeling guilty that I’m not doing enough. When I was studying the photography&graphics basics at government program, the teacher constantly was raising the question to us: are we making art for the sake of art or are we making art for the sake of better world? Well, I did not feel anything wrong with the first one, but because the program had a certain purpose, we were supposed to feel opposite. And I was very honest back then when I assured everybody (and myself) that the only function of the arts is changing the world and/or making the artist’s statement about the world. But now I would be lying to myself trying to make political or social statement out of the image I’m producing. 

Besides artist’s vision, I think, the equal part of the job (with the result of Visual Concept), is done by the viewer. So if you want to make a statement out of images, go ahead. I’ll politely confirm your assumptions.

Soon I’m going to devote separate posts to the Tales of photographs in the gallery, so for now stories will remain of some mystery.

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